Chinese real estate financing: onshore/offshore financing structures and opportunities for foreign investors


Extensive New Measures by the U.S. Federal Reserve to Stimulate the Economy 疫情防控|《美联储应对疫情的经济刺激措施》

The COVID-19 outbreak in the United States has wreaked havoc in the U.S. economy. In response, the U.S. government has taken massive actions to stabilize and stimulate 更多

02 April 2020

《新冠病毒援助、救济与经济安全法案》: 美国政府应对新冠病毒的2.3万亿美元经济刺激






China’s NPL market: implications of the China-U.S. Trade Deal

With Australian banking customers soon able to take control of sharing their banking data using the Consumer Data Right (CDR), the Australian Government is looking to the CDR’s 更多

09 March 2020

Impact of Coronavirus on Finance Transactions

With the volatility in world markets impacting on finance transactions, we look at certain key aspects of existing and future finance transactions under English and Australian law which 更多

06 March 2020

LNG Terminals in China – Project Development, Third Party Access and Foreign Investment Issues

This article was written by George Zhao, Michael Lawson, David Phua and Haoqing Zhang.IntroductionAs the world’s largest consumer of energy, with the recently-achieved status of the top natural gas importer 更多

18 February 2020