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  • 早期投资
  • 后续多轮融资
  • 可转债投资
  • 通过整体转让退出
  • 首次公开募股 (IPO)
  • 直接次级(投资组合)交易
  • 设立风险投资基金
  • 为增长型公司提供全方位法律支持
  • 并购业务以及兼并由风险基金所投资的公司。



third party funding (“TPF”) appears ready to make a significant difference to the way in which risk and cross-border arbitration disputes are managed in Asia, including in Japan.

12 December 2018

Arbitration arose as a private out-of-court means to resolve disputes. Autonomy, confidentiality, flexibility, neutrality, and finality attracted users. However, some of these very features have 更多

19 November 2018

Our experts give their top 10 predictions about international arbitration in 2028

19 November 2018

One reason for electing for arbitration as a dispute mechanism is confidentiality of proceedings. But what does that mean?

19 November 2018