EU draft Geo-Blocking Regulation falls short

Competition and Markets Authority clears Global Radio’s acquisition of Juice FM at Phase 1

The CMA has cleared Global Radio's acquisition of Juice FM at Phase 1 after finding that the parties' stations are not close alternatives.

29 October 2015

Spanish Supreme Court orders recalculation of Mediaset’s €3.6 million fine

The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that a €3.6 million fine imposed by the CNMC on Mediaset for breach of merger conditions is not proportionate.

08 October 2015

European Director-General for Competition on the digital sector and the drive for an EU-wide Digital Single Market

Director-General for Competition gives first speech on competition challenges facing the digital sector and the drive for an EU Digital Single Market.

EU trade mark reform on the horizon

An edited version of this article appeared in Intellectual Property Magazine's June 2015 issue. Shortly after publication, the agreed texts of the re-cast Trade Marks Directive and new 更多

23 June 2015

French Competition Authority fines TDF €5.6 million for abuse of its dominant position

On 11 June 2015, the French Competition Authority sanctioned TDF for abuse of a dominant position and margin squeeze.

18 June 2015

AGCM opens investigation on Serie A television rights

The AGCM opens an investigation to verify the existence of alleged “allocation agreements” between Sky and Mediaset for broadcasting of Serie A.

21 May 2015

CNMC clears Telefónica / DTS merger subject to commitments

The Spanish Competition Authority has cleared a concentration between Telefónica and DTS, subject to certain commitments.

01 May 2015

Court grants blocking order against Popcorn Time websites

The Court has made the latest website blocking order, in relation to 'Popcorn Time’ websites.

29 April 2015

Court of Appeal makes second reference to CJEU in relation to TV Catchup

The Court of Appeal has made a second reference to the Court of Justice in relation to the TV Catchup live streaming service.

02 April 2015

SCRABBLE v SCRAMBLE: Mattel and Zynga on appeal

The Court of Appeal has decided that Mattel’s SCRAMBLE trade mark is infringed by Zynga’s Scramble and Scramble with Friends app.

01 April 2015

CNMC confirms the repeated breach of Telecinco/Cuatro merger commitments by Mediaset

The Spanish Competition Authority has opened an inquiry into whether commitments entered into by two Spanish television channels are being fulfilled.

27 March 2015

FCA fines Les Indés Radios €300,000 for breaching commitments

On 26 February 2015, the French Competition Authority fined Les Indés Radios €300,000 for not complying with legally binding commitments.

13 March 2015