Covid-19 Force Majeure and Frustration

文章 - 香港

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19: Force Majeure and Frustration under PRC, English and Hong Kong laws

As the coronavirus continues to roam around the world, we provide practical insights on the related force majeure and frustration laws.

20 February 2020

Update on SFC’s front-loaded regulatory approach

We sum up SFC's recent regulatory bulletin on its front-loaded approach on IPO applications and corporate transactions.

19 February 2020




开曼私募基金法案 | 开曼私募基金将进入全面监管时代



LegCo’s Review of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“PDPO”)

We discuss the Privacy Commissioner's proposed changes to the PDPO.

03 February 2020

Future of tech regulation: Where is it headed? 2020 transnational regulatory update

We sum up three key papers issued by the FSB, as well as the developments from other influential global policy-makers.

24 January 2020