Security of Payment in Hong Kong: Changes Commence from December 2021

Security of Payment in Hong Kong: Changes Commence from December 2021

We summarise the key highlights of the Security of Payment framework in Hong Kong.

15 October 2021


本文由 Dale Rayner, Richard Mazzochi, David Lam 以及Andrew Fei撰写。 2021年7月29日,美国替代基准利率委员会(“ARRC”)正式推荐了使用由芝加哥商品交易所(&ldquo 更多


Take Notice! Claims in Arbitration tied to Contractual Notices

Key highlights on a recent judgement in the matter considering an appeal on the question of contractual notices made under a construction contract.

13 November 2020

Performance Bonds: Courts exercise restraint in not restraining bond calls

We look at how Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and England courts approach any exercise of power to restrain a call on performance bonds.

06 April 2020

金杜简报 – 澳大利亚关键基础设施投资者面临新的安全规则






What to do with Schedule 2 of the Arbitration Ordinance from 1 June 2017?

The automatic inclusion of Schedule 2 of the Arbitration Ordinance in “domestic arbitrations” expires from 1 June 2017 – impact on existing and future arbitration agreements.

22 May 2017

Presidents topple and executives falter: A refresher on anti-bribery controls

Corruption and bribery are live issues. This article sets out four tips on how you can manage corruption risks.

15 March 2017

The Price is Right? Third party funding in Hong Kong and its potential impact on the construction industry

In a new report the Law Reform Commission has recommended that the Arbitration Ordinance (Cap. 609) be amended to permit third party funding.

03 November 2016

Hong Kong Competition Commission targets construction sector bid-rigging

The findings are set out in the Commission’s report on its market study into the sector published on 26 May 2016.

31 May 2016




Hong Kong real estate regulator issues competition law guidelines

The Estate Agents Authority has issued guidelines for real estate agents on Hong Kong’s new competition law.

15 April 2016