LIBOR Transition – Forward-looking Term SOFR Is Here

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LIBOR Transition – Forward-looking Term SOFR Is Here

Very shortly, the U.S.-based Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) will make its much-anticipated formal recommendation of forward-looking term Secured Overnight Financing Rates (Term SOFR) administered by the CME 更多

27 July 2021




SFC guidance on enhanced disclosures for ESG funds

We summarise the new guidance, which supersedes a 2019 SFC circular on the same topic.

07 July 2021

香港保险相连证券市场的崛起 – 保监局公布申请授权经营特定目的业务的指引



United States' Sanctions Update

This alert summarises the key changes that have been made to the sanctions regime under EO14032.

08 June 2021

The response to Doxxing – or, why multilateralism in data law is so difficult

We examine the backdrop to the reforms, the Hong Kong changes proposed and how this is likely to impact large technology platforms.

27 May 2021