EU draft Geo-Blocking Regulation falls short

European Commission’s draft Geo-Blocking Regulation fails to clear the way

The European Commission’s proposed Geo-Blocking Regulation fails to address some of the key e-commerce concerns the Commission had previously identified.

21 June 2016

No ‘online platform’ EU regulation (for now), but general e-commerce rules will apply

European Commission refrains from imposing regulations specifically targeting online platforms, for now. General EU e-commerce rules will however apply.

20 June 2016

European Commission findings on geo-blocking in EU e-commerce sector – implications for businesses

European Commission finds widespread geo-blocking practices in the EU e-commerce sector. We discuss the story so far and what businesses can expect.

21 April 2016

The Digital Single Market Strategy – what comes next?

We consider EU legislative developments resulting from the Digital Single Market Strategy, and possible implications for businesses.

21 April 2016

CAT to hear BT appeal against Ofcom pay-television decision in July 2016

The CAT will hear BT's appeal against the decision made by Ofcom to remove a regulatory obligation imposed on Sky to offer Sky Sports 1 and 2 to 更多

26 February 2016

The new EU Trade Mark - Updated Guidance from OHIM

Getting ready for the new EU Trade Mark regime in force from 23 March 2016: actions that brand owners should be considering now.

17 February 2016

Ofcom publishes a report on its review of the operation of the UK television production sector

Ofcom has reviewed the operation and regulation of the UK television production sector and concluded that the sector should be kept under review.

07 January 2016

Premier League and BT to intervene in European Commission investigation into Hollywood film rights

Commission grants interested parties permission to comment on its investigation into Hollywood film rights distribution issues.

26 November 2015

German FCO opens proceedings against Apple and Amazon audiobook units

FCO probes whether the distribution agreement between Audible, the audiobook unit of Amazon, and Apple infringes competition rules.

18 November 2015

European Commission publishes Work Programme for 2016

The European Commission’s 2016 Work Programme continues with the priorities outlined last year.

05 November 2015

Competition and Markets Authority clears Global Radio’s acquisition of Juice FM at Phase 1

The CMA has cleared Global Radio's acquisition of Juice FM at Phase 1 after finding that the parties' stations are not close alternatives.

29 October 2015


F1索伯车队和印度力量车队已向欧盟委员会(欧委会)对伯尼•埃克莱斯顿(Bernie Ecclestone)掌门的一级方程式集团(Formula One Group)正式提起控告,指控该集团对F1体育赛事的运营违反欧盟竞争法。