Hu Rongjie


Shenzhen, China

Areas of Practice

Hu Rongjie specializes in bankruptcy restructuring, debt restructuring, liquidation, internal liquidation, compulsory liquidation and bankruptcy-derivative litigation.

Mr. Hu has a wealth of experience in restructuring and liquidation. He has led or advised on many projects, including the reorganization of listed companies, the merger and consolidation of large private un-listed companies and their affiliated companies, bankruptcy liquidation and restructuring of large private enterprises, the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and the transfer of state-owned equity, corporate control and other matters in such industries as steel, shipping, mobile phones, photovoltaics, real estate, logistics, and pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Hu's work highlights include:

  • Restructuring of Shenzhen China Bicycle Company (Holdings) Ltd., one of the Top 10 restructuring cases selected by the Supreme People's Court, and CSC's restructuring and the restructuring of other listed companies;

  • The restructuring of 48 enterprises including Bohai Steel, one of the 2019 Top 10 Commercial Cases of People's Courts;

  • The substantive consolidation and restructuring of 5 enterprises including the largest private company Haixin Steel of Shanxi province; and

  • The restructuring of Nantong Pacific Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., one of of the 2017 Top 10 Bankruptcy Cases of Jiangsu province.

The solutions provided by Mr. Hu to solve complex debt restructuring matters in multiple restructuring projects have been recognized by his clients.

In his practice, Mr. Hu has acted as legal counsel for group companies, and undertaken the centralized liquidation of subsidiaries of state-owned groups, counseled the group companies in fulfilling shareholder liquidation obligations, and solving legacy issues in restructuring enterprises. The representative cases include the SOE restructuring of Guizhou Chitianhua Group Co., Ltd., etc. In addition, he has represented shareholders, directors, and officers in company liquidation-derivative actions, and has successfully exempted shareholders and directors and officers from their respective responsibilities arising from the liquidation of the companies.

Mr. Hu is dedicated to academic research and writing with his years of practice experience. He is the co-writer of many books including the Case Study on Reorganization of Listed Companies. He has also published several academic papers on debt restructuring.

Work Experience

Mr. Hu joined KWM in 2012.

He graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, where he obtained his L.L.B (2009) and a master's degree in Civil and Commercial Law (2012). He was admitted to the Chinese bar in 2014.

Mr. Hu is proficient in Chinese and English.

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