Food & Agribusiness

Deep-rooted agribusiness expertise to navigate a dynamic industry

Delivering a reliable supply of high-quality, nutritious food and drink to a global population predicted to reach 8.5 billion people by 2030 is a key driver for this ever evolving and innovating sector. Ensuring it is done in an efficient and sustainable way is essential.

To take advantage of opportunities and navigate pitfalls, clients in this sector need lawyers who can complement their legal and regulatory skills with industry insights.

Strategically positioned in the world’s growth markets, our team of industry experts and agribusiness lawyers is right at the heart of this dynamic industry.

Our long-standing specialist team of food and agribusiness lawyers has a full range of legal and regulatory skills and experience, as well as market-leading insights into trends, opportunities and risks. We are actively involved in regulatory reform and clients benefit from our close relationships with industry bodies and key advisers in the sector.

We advise on all commercial, legal and regulatory issues relating to food and agriculture, including:

  • M&A, Private Equity & Joint Ventures
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Investment Structures, Funding & Trade Finance
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Foreign Investment approval
  • Property Ownership & Usage Issues
  • Infrastructure Access
  • Commodities Trading
  • Intellectual Property
  • Competition & Consumer Protection
  • Tax.

Facilitating cross-border trade & investment

Drawing on our global expertise, we help clients worldwide with:

  • International trade matters, including taking advantages of Free Trade Agreements
  • Cross-border investments, including structuring and regulatory advice
  • Processing & supply chain issues, including digitisation of supply chains.

The team works very closely with our Consumer & Retail  specialists.

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