Unparalleled specialist automotive expertise

The automotive industry is undergoing a major shift worldwide. Technology and market-driven trends bring with them new and evolving legal challenges.

New environmental pressures, product safety rules, competition laws, and requirements for financing investments are among key developments we are seeing.

We have specialist automotive sector expertise across our corporate, commercial, intellectual property, competition, and finance law teams. Many of our lawyers have worked for automotive sector companies, giving them a deep understanding of your business. This is why some of the biggest and most innovative names in the business choose us to advise them on matters of law affecting the automotive industry.

Rising to the challenges faced by manufacturers

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) is bringing automation, AI, machine learning, and interconnectivity to operations. This comes with a set of unique opportunities and challenges for the manufacturing and industrials sector. Manufacturers across the globe are looking to drive growth, value and innovation by pursuing aggressive R&D strategies and optimising work practices, processes and supply chains. At the same time, they are navigating changing market dynamics, social and environmental expectations, and disruptive technological and scientific forces.

Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers works with manufacturing clients to meet these opportunities and challenges head-on. We help to acquire and dispose of assets, restructure or finance operations and new projects, establish joint ventures, and access new technologies.

Using our specialist expertise, we help clients to optimise tax structures and industrial relations frameworks, resolve disputes, and comply with regulatory requirements relating to market power and occupational health and safety requirements.

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