Andrew Monotti

Legal Consultant

Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Monotti is a legal consultant in the Melbourne office of King & Wood Mallesons where he specialises in competition law (including third party access), utility regulation, joint ventures, contracts and intellectual property. Given client confidentiality, the following descriptions are general in nature.

  • In competition law he concentrates on ACCC approvals of mergers and acquisitions and advice and compliance programs concerning competition law. He has been involved in the competition aspects of significant Australian and international and global mergers and acquisitions in various industries, including petroleum, paper, electricity, gas, fertilisers, explosives, pharmaceuticals and minerals
  • He also works on competition law issues in relation to electricity generation and distribution, gas production, marketing, transmission and distribution and electricity and gas acquisitions
  • He was involved in the authorisation and access processes under the Trade Practices Act (now the Competition and Consumer Act) for the National Electricity Market and electricity and gas privatisations. He advised upon the authorisation, access and other competition issues in respect of the Market Systems and Operation Rules for gas in Victoria and the "significant producer" provisions of the Gas Industry Act that arose from the gas privatisations in Victoria. Also, he was involved in the competition aspects (including authorisation) of Tasmania's entry into the National Electricity Market
  • He has a continuing involvement in competition and regulatory issues relating to gas and electricity, including the National Electricity Law and Rules, the National Gas Law and Rules, third party access and access arrangements, pricing reviews and long term supply arrangements
  • He has also advised upon competition aspects of, and authorisations for, joint ventures and third party access to, and access arrangements in respect of, railway, gas, electricity, and port infrastructure
  • Andrew also specialises in franchising and other forms of distribution and dealer arrangements.

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  • 1977: Bachelor of Commerce and Laws (Hons) degrees, Melbourne University
  • 1980: Master of Laws degree, Melbourne University
  • 1988: Partner, Mallesons Stephen Jaques, Melbourne
  • Preparation and delivery of papers to broader audiences upon Effective Management of Product Liability Investigations, Claims and Litigation and upon Strategic Alliances and Long Term Supply Contracts
  • Presentations to clients of National Competition Policy Reform seminars
  • 1997: Co-lecturer, Monash University Masters of Laws Program: Competition Law
  • April 1997: Seminar and Publication, Leo Cussen Institute: Product Liability
  • 1998: Co-Lecturer, Monash University Masters of Laws Program: Utility Regulation (Law and Policy)
  • March 1998: The Second Annual Gas and Electricity Regulation and the Regulators' Conference "The Role of the ACCC in Take-Overs and Mergers of Utilities"
  • 1999: Co-Lecturer, Monash University Master of Laws Program: Competition Law
  • September 1999: Seminar and Publication, Leo Cussen Institute: Trade Practices Act Update
  • December 1999: Presentation, Energy Market Regulation: "What is the Future of Cross-Ownership Laws?"
  • September 2000: International Bar Association 2000 Conference - Amsterdam "Multi-Jurisdictional Mergers and Competition Law"
  • March 2001: Second Electricity Lawyers' Conference (Electricity Supply Association of Australia Limited): Author of paper entitled "The Trade Practices Act: Market Power in the NEM"
  • April 2002: Seminar, Leo Cussen Institute - Part IV - Anti-Competitive Practices - Prohibited Conduct - The New Frontier - Intellectual Property and Anti-Competitive Practices
  • 2002: Co-Lecturer, Monash University Master of Laws Program: Competition Law
  • February 2003: Seminar, Leo Cussen Institute - Licensing of Intellectual Property - Trade Practices Act Issues
  • July 2003: Seminar, Monash University Graduate Course, Patents, Trade Secrets & Allied Rights: Licensing of Intellectual Property - Trade Practices Act Issues Market Power and s51(3)
  • August 2003: LexisNexis Butterworths Conference - Contracts 2003: Addressing Contracts and the Trade Practices Act
  • February 2004: LexisNexis Butterworths Conference - Contracts 2004: Addressing Contracts and the Trade Practices Act - Sydney
  • February 2004: Seminar, Leo Cussen Institute: Intellectual Property and Competition Law
  • February 2004: Legalwise Seminar - Trade Practices Update - Melbourne
  • March 2004: LexisNexis Butterworths Conference - Contracts 2004: Addressing Contracts and the Trade Practices Act - Perth
  • 2004: Co-Lecturer, Monash University Master of Laws Program: Competition Law
  • August 2004: LexisNexis Butterworths Conference - Contracts 2004: Update on remedies for breach of contract to ensure up-to-date knowledge of entitlements and liabilities
  • September 2004: Seminar, Australian Corporate Lawyers' Association: Trade Practices Act Reforms
  • February 2005: Seminar, Leo Cussen Institute: Licensing of Intellectual Property
  • April 2005: Article, Australian Corporation Lawyers' Association Journal: "Intellectual Property Rights and Refusal to Supply"
  • December 2005: Seminar, 2nd Annual Trade Practices Compliance Conference: Changing Power of ACCC
  • March 2006: Speaker at Caterpillar 2006 Asia-Pacific Legal Conference in Shanghai
  • October 2006: AMPLA 30th Annual Conference: Mergers and Acquisitions in Energy Markets
  • November 2006: Seminar, Legalwise: Exclusionary Provisions - Trade Practices Act Update - Exclusionary Provisions
  • December 2006: Law & Finance Trade Practices Compliance Conference: Preventing Misuse of Market Power - A Study on Section 46
  • May 2007: Honorary Associate of the Faculty of Law at Monash University
  • February 2008: Seminar, Leo Cussen Institute: Part IV and Related Provisions of the Trade Practices Act - Recent Developments
  • March 2010: Seminar, Leo Cussen Institute: Unfair Contract Terms - Update on the Trade Practices Amendment (Australian Consumer Law) Bill 2009
  • November 2010: ALB Masterclass - Mining and Resources Law, Examining the Perennial Issue of Access to Infrastructure
  • March 2012: Seminar, Leo Cussen Institute: Contract Law Intensive - Lessons to be learnt from a review of recent and significant misleading and deceptive contract law cases
  • 2012: Partner: King & Wood Mallesons

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