Competition, Trade & Regulatory

In recent years, global regulatory authorities have imposed tighter regulations on companies to improve their compliance systems and management

For conglomerates with a global presence, it is increasingly necessary to include them including their Japanese branches into the overall compliance review and management system.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive review of compliance risks from the perspectives of the antitrust law, anti-unfair competition law, and other industry regulations, with a view to identifying and correcting violations as early as possible and helping clients establish a sound compliance system to prevent problems from worsening.

We advise on competition law and compliance, including

  • Monopolies, cartels and other misconduct in restraint of trade, unfair trade practices
  • Merger control
  • Compliance consulting
  • Establishing internal corporate rules and organising employee training
  • Responding to internal whistle-blowing
  • Investigating facts, ascertaining causes, and formulating preventive measures through third-party committees
  • Making responses when punitive actions are taken against serious offenders
  • Responding to investigations by administrative authorities and criminal search by investigative authorities

By cooperating closely with various offices in the KWM global network, we also provide the following legal support outside of Japan in connection with civil, administrative, and criminal procedures concerning both competition law and anti-bribery law:

  • International cartels
  • Leniency application
  • Negotiations with global regulatory authorities, including the Japan Fair Trade Commission, the US Department of Justice, and the European Commission
  • International merger control
  • Investigation of necessity of notification based on notification thresholds of each country

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