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Our ESG responsibility

KWM is a firm with a conscience. The way we operate reflects who we are, what we stand for and where we aspire to be.

We believe we have a responsibility as a top tier law firm to use our mastery of the law for the lasting prosperity of our clients, people and communities. We apply our unique legal and commercial skills, our relationships and resources, to shape some of the big issues in our world. 

Climate and sustainability

We are committed to developing and implementing sustainable business practices to minimise our environmental impact. 

The strategy has three pillars:

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity of thought, perspective and experience 

is critical to our business success. 

Our people need to be as diverse as our international client base so that in working closely with our clients, we deliver a service that responds to and reflects their different needs and cultures. We define this as diversity and inclusion - an integral part of our overall business strategy. Our aim is to provide a broad, inclusive and open environment in which our people are fully supported to bring their whole selves and pass that on to their clients.

Our diversity and inclusion agenda
  • Advancing gender equality;
  • Strengthening our cultural intelligence and awareness;
  • Mainstreaming flexible and agile ways of working;
  • Increasing LGBTI inclusion;
  • Addressing the impacts of bias and stereotyping. 

Our Community Impact

We are committed to creating a sustained, long-term and significant impact for communities.

We deploy our expertise, networks and resources to create a sustained, long-term and significant impact for the communities in which we work and operate. We inspire & empower all of our people to work together to create a more just society and to address the structural and major justice challenges of our time.

Our community work focuses on three key areas: pro bono legal services, specialist and community services, and philanthropy, with our overarching goal aligned to education and reducing poverty and inequality