Nita Alexander

Special Counsel

Sydney, Australia

Nita specialises in financial services, in particular, superannuation and life insurance. Nita has over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry, advising a variety of industry participants, including trustees of retail, industry and corporate funds, life insurance companies and responsible entities.

Relevant Experience:

  • Advisory: Advising superannuation trustees, life insurers and other financial services providers on complex issues, including regulatory reforms and employers in relation to their superannuation obligations
  • Product lifecycle: Establishing, restructuring and terminating superannuation funds and superannuation and life insurance products (including annuities)
  • Mergers and successor fund transfers: Advising on all legal and regulatory aspects of superannuation industry mergers, including structure, governance model, successor fund transfer requirements, due diligence, regulator engagement and implementation
  • Licensing and approvals: RSE licences, MySuper authorisations and AFSLs
  • Regulatory engagement: Relief applications, breach notifications, assisting with resolution of regulatory issues
  • Disclosure: Product disclosure statements, annual reports, periodic statements, significant event reporting, marketing
  • Outsourcing: Reviewing and negotiating outsourcing agreements, including custody and administration agreements