Li Xin


Suzhou, China

Shanghai, China

Areas of Practice 

Ms. Li specializes in the fields of PRC labor law, foreign direct investment, merger and acquisition transaction and general corporate.

Ms. Li has abundant experience in labor matters, including but not limited to reviewing and drafting employment contracts and employment-related agreements, employee's handbook and other internal rules and regulations, assisting enterprises in formulating and launching equity incentive plan, conducting due diligence on labor-related issues, providing legal advice on the establishment, alteration and termination of employment relationship, engaging in communication and negotiation with employees during employee dismissal, strike and employee transfer, representing enterprises in labor arbitration and lawsuits, designing employment resettlement program during corporate restructuring and M&A transaction. Ms. Li has provided labor services for many famous Chinese and foreign enterprises of various industries, such as banking, insurance, transportation, chemistry, aviation, daily chemicals, pharmacy, electronics, artificial intelligence, news media, etc., and her representative projects include:

assisting a world famous pharmacy and health products enterprise in the separation and settlement of employees during business separation;

providing legal services for the employee settlement project of a world famous elevator manufacturing enterprise;

providing legal services for a famous air company in its employee redundancy and streamlining project in China;

providing legal services for a large-scale state-owned enterprise in employee settlement during separation of its subsidiaries;

providing legal services for a famous international association in employee termination project;

providing all-rounded labor compliance services and handling labor arbitration and lawsuits for many top 500 hundred enterprises around the world.

Ms. Li has joined in lots of direct investment and corporate governance projects and provided services for enterprises regarding their investment, restructuring and M&A in China, such as company establishment, M&A, corporate restructuring and reorganization, daily legal compliance, corporate control contest, etc. The services she provides mainly include: conducting due diligence and drafting DD reports, assisting in determining project structure, drafting, reviewing and making project documents, joining in negotiations, providing professional legal opinion, assisting in communicating with relevant governmental departments. Ms. Li has provided services for many large-scale Chinese and foreign enterprises in their investment in China, and her representative projects include:

assisting a famous Australian food chain retailer in acquiring refrigeration business in China;

assisting a world famous elevator manufacturing enterprise in M&A transaction in China during its global business consolidation;

assisting a famous luxury brand in establishing entities and supply chain cooperation in China;

assisting a famous Spanish auto parts manufacturer in acquiring business in China;

assisting a famous US family business in acquiring business in China. 

Work Experience

Ms. Li joined in KWM in 2010. 

Ms. Li obtained LL.B from the Law School of Soochow University and bachelor's degree in economics from the Business School of Soochow University. Ms.Li obtained practitioner's certificate in Chinese laws in 2012.

Ms. Li's working language is Chinese and English.