Environmental, Social and Governance

Tackling unprecedented challenges together

As a global leader in the legal sector, we are firmly committed to making a positive contribution to social change. This includes using our skills to tackle the big challenges like the unprecedented environmental crisis that is climate change.

We do this by helping our clients to understand the increasingly complex environmental, social and governance (ESG) landscape, the risks presented by climate change, and the steps they can take to help address the issue.

Working with governments and businesses around the globe, we have a team of advisers from a range of legal disciplines who have the experience required to navigate this dynamic landscape.

Climate change is the single most pressing issue of our time and for future generations. We remain at the forefront of emerging issues, working closely with clients to understand their businesses and the unique ESG opportunities and issues that are relevant to them. Our international ESG team frequently advises on climate change and resource efficiency, human rights and community engagement, anti-bribery and corruption, transparency and disclosure, product governance, and risk management more generally.

We can help you with:

  • Risk & Governance
  • Climate Change Litigation
  • Business & Social Impact
  • Green, Social and Sustainable Finance & Investment
  • Environmental Advisory
  • Clean Energy & Renewables
  • Agribusiness