Projects, Infrastructure & Energy

Achieving world firsts in projects, energy and resources

Are you looking for an international legal team in energy, resources and infrastructure that can support you every step of the way? At King & Wood Mallesons we offer you exactly that.

The King & Wood Mallesons team act on the energy and resources projects that the world takes notice of – across each and every stage of a project’s lifecycle, remaining nimble enough to adapt to market changes, yet still leading the way on the largest and most complex transactions.

Asia intelligence

Asia’s economies are some of the fastest growing in the world and with growing populations, they are playing a key investment and project development role in the resources and energy sector. Whether you are based in Asia looking to develop a project elsewhere or trying to unlock opportunities in Asia – the team at King & Wood Mallesons can support you.

Delivering novel projects

Mining giants, oil and gas pioneers, power providers and renewables innovators lean on the King & Wood Mallesons team to support their leap into Australia, China, Africa and beyond. 

Meet our Team

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