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Innovative team driving endless growth possibilities

As digital economies around the world continue to boom, new technologies are reshaping the global marketplace, presenting endless growth possibilities for businesses. With growth and change come new challenges: today's “5ABCD” (5G, AI, Block Chain, Cloud, Big Data) era has propelled cybersecurity, data protection, competition-related issues and ethics to the top list of concerns for organizations. All of these are playing out against the complex global regulatory landscape.

Bringing together leading digital economy capabilities, we provide value-orientated advice infused with commercial acumen.

We know that valuing data in an M&A deal is as critical as understanding fintech regulations, selecting AI applications, or navigating cyber security.  Whatever your needs or transaction – we work hard to understand your specific objectives, and tailor our advice to deliver maximum benefits to you and your stakeholders.

Every day, we enable innovative companies to grow with confidence and to stay at the forefront of this dynamic sector. Our clients are developing and implementing artificial intelligence processes like machine learning, voice and facial recognition, Internet of Things technologies (including robotics, drones and driverless vehicles), blockchain applications and more.

Delivering a truly international, high-quality and innovative legal service, we learn by solving – just like AI does. Every challenge we overcome adds to the expertise we offer you.

Our international digital economy team provides advice across the full spectrum of legal services required by the sector, including

  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Cyber security & data breach
  • Data Strategy
  • IT outsourcing
  • Blockchain and virtual assets
  • AI & New Technologies

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