Urszula McCormack

PARTNER | Cross Border Finance and Technology

Urszula McCormack is one of the world's leading regulatory and digital economy lawyers, with a focus on emerging technologies.

Urszula advises global banks, payment institutions, large technology companies, exchanges, virtual asset issuers and software developers on new products, cross-border transactions, compliance and licensing. In her data practice, Urszula advises on privacy regulation, algorithmic design, encryption technologies and data-sharing arrangements. Urszula is a leading specialist advising governments, multilaterals and regulators on building robust enabling environments for digital payments, digital identity, financial crime controls, cross-border data flows and innovation. 

Urszula’s work in the technology arena includes:

  • digital economy transformation and enabling laws;
  • virtual assets and tokenisation, including decentralised platforms and protocols;
  • trading platforms and market conduct;
  • payment technologies;
  • custody solutions;
  • digital ecosystems including gaming, social media and “metaverse” applications; and
  • related cross-border licensing applications, strategic acquisitions, restructures and regulatory investigations.

Urszula is especially well known for building global digital ecosystems. A key aspect of this is successfully integrating payments, virtual assets, social media, exchange and (where relevant) gamification and sustainability/ESG elements and navigating rapidly developing, overlapping, conflicting and changing legal and regulatory requirements in a cohesive, pragmatic and forward-looking manner.

Urszula is a member of multiple advisory bodies and has been appointed to the Panel of Recognised International Market Experts (P.R.I.M.E.). She is regularly invited to brief governments, regulators and transnational policymakers. Urszula is admitted to practice law in Hong Kong, Australia and England & Wales and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). She is highly rated across a number of practice areas by Chambers and other major legal directories. 

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