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who we are

We are King & Wood Mallesons. 

The top tier international law firm, from Asia, for the world.

A firm born in Asia, underpinned by world class capability. With over 3000 lawyers in 29 global locations, we draw from our Western and Eastern perspectives to deliver incisive counsel.

We are focused on our clients – people and organisations with distinctive ambitions and challenges. We are driven to understand your needs, solve your problems and unearth the right opportunities for you. Whether you're expanding globally or strengthening locally, our service style is dynamic, insightful, and tailored for you. 

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What we do

We work with the industry-makers, nation-builders 

and market-disrupters to drive growth and power innovation. 

Whether designing new legal frameworks or establishing new precedents, we apply our deep technical legal expertise to deliver simple solutions that address complex challenges.

We help our clients manage their risk and enable their growth. Our full-service offering combines un-matched top tier local capability complemented with an international platform. We work with our clients to cut through the cultural, regulatory and technical barriers and get deals done in new markets.

Explore Our proud history

A rich history of industry-making, nation-building and market-distribution. A depth of experience in growth and innovation, at your service.

where we operate

Our strategy is to be where 

our clients need us today, tomorrow and beyond.

With 29 offices across Asia, Europe and North America we are strategically positioned on the ground in the world's growth markets and financial centres. 

Recognising that our clients' needs are constantly evolving and that they are looking for advisers who can transcend borders, we complement our physical offices with cross-regional and multi-disciplinary global teams who support clients in a virtual environment through our growing number of international cloud offices. These virtual teams have deep local knowledge across a broad range of markets.

what we stand for

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our unique firm was born out of a big idea – that the world needs a firm like us. A firm that can bridge East and West and create a new standard of world-class legal services. A firm that attracts clients and talent with borderless ambitions. To become the leading top tier international law firm from Asia, for the world.

In an increasingly challenging and complex business environment, our clients need a top tier firm in the region who can match deep local understanding with a world-class platform. That's us. That's KWM.


Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We are driven by a simple purpose – to use our mastery of the law for the lasting prosperity of our clients, people and communities. To use our unique experience, skills and insights to help our clients navigate a changing world. To help provide confidence and stability. To create an environment where our people can thrive and meet their own aspirations and goals. And to use our platform to help build a better future for society and the planet.

It’s why we exist. It’s why we are KWM.

our principles

Everything we do is grounded in a set of core principles which guide the way we operate as a leading international firm – how we enable our clients to succeed; how we grow our people to be their best and how we support our communities to thrive. 

Strive for Mastery

We take pride in our work to the next level. As masters of our craft, we're passionate about learning, pushing for excellence and raising the standard for every single client. For us, quality isn't an abstract notion – it's personal.

Be Emotionally Mighty

We are deep, active listeners, taking time and care to truly connect with others on a human level. Law is a people business. For us, EQ and IQ carry equal weight.

Share by Reflex

We don't accumulate knowledge for our own sake – we build and share knowledge to help clients, colleagues and communities. Collaboration comes naturally to us and is the gift that keeps on giving.

Make the Complex Simple

We are confident communicators who clarify, never mystify. This clarity supports real time decision-making and helps clients navigate through complexity.

Break New Ground

We own our creativity, and put it to work. Passionate about what we do, we are stimulated by new challenges and bold ideas. By asking better questions and exploring what's possible we break new ground.

Debate freely, move as one

We welcome healthy debate, broad thinking and the exchange of different perspectives. This diversity is our advantage. But once we decide on a course of action, we stick to it and move forward together.

Trust in our Collective

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard and invest in building deep, trust-based relationships. Mutual support gives us the strength we need to be daring, and perform at our best. Trust leads to better, faster collaboration across teams and jurisdictions.

Sharpen Your Edge

We are experts with an insatiable appetite for learning. The growth mindset we cultivate keeps us at the top of our game, and right at the leading edge – exactly where our clients need us to be.