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Is Your Global Value Chain Sustainable? Europe’s Rules Herald New Era of Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDDD)

New rules in the EU that will force large companies to check their value chain for any negative human rights and environmental impacts have inched closer.

31 July 2023

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Europe’s AI regulation gets real : what to know (and do) about the EU AI Act as it nears finalisation

More than two years ago, the European Union (EU) released the first draft of the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act). This was the first significant attempt at regulating AI on a large scale. In June, it passed a major milestone bringing it closer to finalisation. There is some way to go, but the signs are clear. Our experts share what the AI Act means for companies worldwide – and why now is the time to start thinking about risk mitigation steps.

26 June 2023

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The Future of Money: Will Central Bank Digital Currencies reshape the payments industry?

The world is moving into the ‘second wave’ of digital currencies issued by central banks – will they take hold and what does it mean for financial institutions, consumers and businesses worldwide?

19 May 2023