Intellectual Property

Always finding the right approach to project your most value assets

Registration of your IP assets is just one of the ways to protect and make them enforceable before third parties. However, new business models are generating IP that, in some cases, cannot be registered but where other protections can be implemented. We are always looking for new trends and digital tools helping our clients to guarantee such assets.

Furthermore, the value of your IP may vary depending on tax incentives applicable, such as patent box, the country where these IP assets are generated or where the company owning them is located. Our global reach provides us with a 360º view of global markets and allow us to point you to the right direction to increase the value of your assets in your balance sheet.

Our strategic advice always focusses on evaluating the best options at the very moment your ideas and inventions are in the inception phase. Technical measures and registration of the assets is not sufficient, if your business model is not adequately structured to benefit from the license of those IP assets and contractual measures have been adopted to guarantee that the IP generated by both your employees and contractors involved is adequately set out.

We also assist companies to identify new ways to protect their IP both physically and in the metaverse, to establish a proper regime to guarantee that raw data being at core of the business is protected, as well as to carry out monitoring and enforcement actions in those cases where the use of IP by influencers, search engines, platforms, social networks and/or websites have a negative impact on the reputation of the brand and/or reduce the potential income.

The adoption of new pieces of legislation such as the Digital Services Act also require setting out new global IP policies and procedures to be applied by online businesses seeking for the removal of illicit contents, where applicable, and make it compatible with their liability regime and traditional role of intermediaries.

We are also partnering with top notch technological firms to provide you with cutting-edge tools to guarantee the maximum protection of your IP assets, including but not limited, software source code and/or trade secrets, and to mitigate the increasing menace of cyber-attacks. 

The areas of intellectual property law we advise on include:

  • Copyright protection.
  • Obligations with collective management societies.
  • Patent and trademark registration. IP licensing and transfers of intellectual and industrial property rights.
  • Ownership and entitlement issues.
  • Intellectual and industrial property C&D actions, pre-litigation, and litigation, including the use of ADR schemes.
  • Tax issues, including patent box.
  • IP related issues related to advertising and e-commerce, including strategies for the removal of illicit content and counterfeit goods.
  • Agency, distribution, and franchising of IP/technological based business models.
  • Technology transfer and research and development (R&D) agreements.
  • Domain name clearance and registration, domain name issues in corporate transactions and claims.
  • IP related issues to spin-offs of academic institutions and public funded technological projects.
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