King & Wood Mallesons stands out in the ranking "Best Law Firms to Work for in Spain 2021"

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King & Wood Mallesons ("KWM" or the "Firm") has got the leading position in two of the categories of the ranking "Best Law Firms to Work for in Spain 2021", recently published by Jobs&Law. In the analysis of firms of up to 100 lawyers, KWM has been highlighted as Top 1 in the areas of "Best Firm by Type of Work" and "Best Pro Bono Firm". KWM also obtains outstanding results in two other categories: "Work Environment" (Top 6) and "Conciliation" (Top 6).

This ranking is one of the main references in Spain for students and lawyers in order to find out about job opportunities in top-level law firms. The study collects the opinions of professionals from the main national and international law firms present in the country.

Some of the anonymous quotes that Jobs&Law publishes about KWM are:

  • "The work environment is unbeatable, the team turns to everyone being integrated. They distribute the workload and ensure that the whole team is active in different topics and works with different people. In addition, pro bono work is encouraged, and different solidarity campaigns are carried out. Finally, I consider all my teammates to have a high technical level."
  • "It's a great law firm to develop your professional career."
  • "It is the ideal firm to work with important clients and participate in relevant deals in the market without the workload preventing you from reconciling your professional and personal life."
  • "As you daily deal with national and international leading clients, King & Wood Mallesons is the ideal place to develop your professional career given the level of demand that each project entails."