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No deal is safe: CFIUS ramps up investigations of "non-notified" transactions

Corporate, Private Equity, M&A and Commercial

Trump Blocks His First CFIUS Deal – What Can We Learn from it?

Implication of the Blocked Lattice/Canyon Bridge Transaction of Future CFIUS Filing by Chinese Investors.

11 October 2017

All change, or no change, for marketing non-EU funds in Europe?

A brief overview of the ESMA advice in relation to non-EU country access to the AIFMD passport

22 July 2016

FIRB to take a closer look at the sale of critical government-owned infrastructure assets

FIRB given additional power to scrutinise critical infrastructure asset sales to private foreign investors, with a clear focus on national security.

25 April 2016

ECJ declares US-EU Safe Harbor decision invalid

Companies, such as Facebook or Google, can no longer base the transfer of personal data to servers in the US on the so called “Safe Harbor Decision” of...

07 October 2015

Update on anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations and enforcement in China

Businesses operating in China should be mindful of the complex anti-bribery & anti-corruption regulatory regime and the associated compliance risks.

21 May 2015

Changes to PRC foreign investment policy affecting the oil and gas industry

NDRC and MOFCOM revised the catalogue of industries for guiding foreign investment (effective soon). Our oil & gas team assesses new changes here.

15 April 2015

Doing business with foreign companies – who has authority to sign contracts?

A recent English Court of Appeal decision provides a reminder of the need to investigate signing authorities carefully when contracting with non-UK companies.

11 March 2015

Foreign investment – new rural rules: New fees and penalties coming in a strengthened regime

The release of the rules supports the Government’s 11 February announcement of changes to the rural land threshold which is now at A$15 million.

27 February 2015

Private equity and venture capital could benefit from EU Capital Markets Union

The new European Commission President has spoken extensively about his plan for a "capital markets union".

26 February 2015

Case study: Making complexity simpler

Multinational corporations looking to consolidate their Mainland China operations are looking for a different kind of legal expertise.

15 January 2015

Case study: AQ turns a red light to green for CMOC

Agile thinking and a deep understanding of regulatory complexity paved the way forward for a US$820m transaction.

13 January 2015

Pfizer/AstraZeneca: Seeking a cure for foreign takeovers

Despite borrowing the expression from the French, it is the British who have traditionally been laissez-faire when foreign companies have come shopping for British ones.

14 October 2014

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