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Private Equity Comment

Regular insights into the private equity industry

The complex effects of tax changes on private equity

A review of the impact various global tax changes will have on the private equity industry

08 April 2016

The UK's (heavy-handed) approach to increased transparency

The UK has introduced new rules requiring UK companies and LLPs to maintain a public register of those with "significant control".

31 March 2016

A budget for the next generation, or the next British prime minister?

An analysis of the potential impact of the UK Budget 2016 and commentary on aspects that relate to private equity and venture capital.

18 March 2016

The UK 2016 Budget

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered the UK’s 2016 Budget on 16 March 2016, we summarise the main announcements of particular interest to the private equity and venture...

16 March 2016

New German rules for debt funds and shareholder loans

Germany has introduced new rules on debt funds which will affect shareholder loans to Germany companies

Summary of SuperReturn International 2016 – Main Conference Day 3

Opportunities will continue to arise for those with the right outlook, strategy, processes and policies in place.

26 February 2016

Obama proposes big changes to US carried interest taxation (again)

President Obama's budget proposals include taxing carried interest as income.

26 February 2016

Summary of SuperReturn International 2016 – Main Conference Day 2

Discussions moved on to macroeconomic indicators signaling a change in the wind and relationships being core to everything a fund manager stands for.

25 February 2016

Summary of SuperReturn International 2016 – Main Conference Day 1

Discussions moved on to the ‘State of the Union’ and in particular how private equity can continue to source attractive investment opportunities.

24 February 2016

SuperReturn International 2016 – Summit Day

The 2016 SuperReturn International Summit kicked off in Berlin - one of the areas gaining ever-increasing traction in the private equity space is Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

23 February 2016

Venture capital in Europe

A pan-European funds-of-funds framework could boost capital available for investment in SMEs

19 February 2016

The future of interest deductibility in Europe

Proposals issued by the OECD could lead to restrictions on the deductibility of interest payments by private equity portfolio companies.

12 February 2016

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