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Cosmetics China: New Ingredients – how to protect the innovator?

Corporate, Private Equity, M&A and Commercial

Cosmetics China: New Ingredients – how to protect the innovator?

How can the brand centric beauty industry which traces its origins to ancient Egypt remain fresh to modern day consumers? By updating claims and science. Advances in science...

15 July 2021

The National Security and Investment Bill 2020 is now UK Law

With little fanfare, on 29 April 2021, the National Security and Investment Act (the “NSI Act”) was granted Royal Assent following the approval of the National Security and...

24 May 2021

UK government review powers over FDI (March 2021 update focussing on mandatory sectors)

The UK economy remains open for business and overseas investment although since November 2020 there are new controls on FDI will need to be navigated as updated in...

24 May 2021

SPACxit – can London save SPACs to secure its position in the new world?

Whilst capital raising using SPACs has been tremendously successful in the US over the last 12-24 months, the UK had until the start of this year experienced significantly...

31 March 2021

Reforms to UK listing rules on the horizon: retaining London’s competitive advantage

Last week Lord Hill published his review into the UK listing environment, which examines how companies raise equity capital on UK public markets and made a series of...

08 March 2021

Companies, creditors and shareholders take note… the UK’s Supreme Court clips the wings of the reflective loss principle

The principle of reflective loss found itself in front of the UK courts during the summer of 2020 in Sevilleja v Marex Financial Ltd [2020]

08 December 2020

Shadow owners should be wary of the Duomatic Principle when instructing agents

On 30 July 2020, the Privy Council confirmed in Ciban Management Corporation v Citco (BVI) Ltd & Anor (British Virgin Islands) [2020]

08 December 2020

Adding further particulars and claims relating to COVID to proceedings will not always been successful

COVID-19 has resulted in many individuals and businesses making claims through the UK courts

08 December 2020

Watch out Buyers: Despite actual knowledge, notices for claims must include sufficient detail

The High Court in Dodika Ltd v United Luck Group Holdings Ltd [2020] EWHC 2101 (Comm) recently held that a buyer’s provision of a notice in respect of...

08 December 2020

If in doubt, spell it out! You can never be too careful when drafting legal agreements

The Full English afficionados amongst you will recall that we originally covered the UK High Court’s ruling on Primus International Holding Company

08 December 2020

The Full English

The Full English is back for its third edition, highlighting the key corporate and commercial themes from the UK Courts since June 2020 that should be considered

08 December 2020

Cross border M&A comment - New UK government review powers over foreign direct investment

Foreign investors seeking acquisition or business expansion opportunities in the UK must, with effect from 11 November 2020, be mindful of new government measures

13 November 2020

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