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ESMA releases discussion paper on distributed ledger technology in securities markets


Blockchain is useful for more than just Bitcoin - it has the potential to change the fabric of markets. At its core, blockchain is a data structure that forms a public ledger. The distributed ledger acts as a transparent and secure way to track executed transactions, acting as a single source of truth. Blockchain will not only provide numerous opportunities and efficiencies for the financial services industry, it can vastly reduce the cost and complexity of business processes across other sectors.

ESMA releases discussion paper on distributed ledger technology in securities markets

ESMA releases discussion paper on distributed ledger technology in securities markets.

10 June 2016

Blockchain: a market overview

Corporate partner Andrew Wingfield talks through the potential of blockchain, the technology that powers the latest trend, bitcoin, in an article for TMT News.

22 March 2016

Chain reaction

Partners Andrew Wingfield and Scott Farrell discuss the potential of blockchain to transform the luxury sector in an article for Luxury Briefing.

14 March 2016

A technology boardrooms cannot afford to ignore

Corporate partner Andrew Wingfield shares his insight on the potential of blockchain technology to transform established markets, in article for C Suite.

09 March 2016

No plans to immediately regulate blockchain in the UK

The FCA has reiterated its desire to promote a thriving environment for financial innovation, supporting disruptive innovation and Fintech development. The hope is that this will see an...

07 March 2016

Blockchain 2.0: the legal and regulatory solutions offered by the "second wave" of blockchain

Corporate partner Andrew Wingfield and associate Matt Clift explore the second wave of blockchain technology in an article for BlockchainBriefing.

15 January 2016

Key themes in fintech and insurtech in 2016

We take a step back and highlight some key themes that we expect to drive growth, disruption and deal volume in the fintech and insurtech sectors in 2016.

11 January 2016

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