Made in Africa
17 March 2015

Made in Africa - March 2015

A huge welcome to Issue 13 of our market leading publication "Made in Africa". As always we look at the latest legal developments, market analysis and hot topics, with our partners in Africa, which are of most interest to investors and businesses operating on the continent.

Since our last issue, there has been a period of change. With depressed commodity prices, the collapse of the oil price and a lowering in demand from some of the larger customer resource intensive nations, this has affected different countries in Africa in various ways. It has been up to those countries to react in order to sustain their development. Perhaps, it has also made politicians in certain countries, who have or have recently found resources, think again regarding their approach to balancing their policies for investment both in the resources and non-resources sectors in their country. Legal changes have continued apace.

There have also been a number of announced "initiatives" from various quarters regarding investment in Africa, from China's stated strategy to “Go Global” to Barack Obama's initiative "Power Africa”. Infrastructure, and in particular, power, continues to be high on the agenda but it has been the consumer facing sectors that have been driving investment through an exciting period. Funds continue to be raised and deployed and structures are adapting to accommodate the Africa story and what investors want.

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