Our patents lawyers maximise your return on investment

Patents protect and commercialise your innovation. Today their significance is growing and they are subject to diverging, complex global regulatory systems and rapidly changing technologies.

So effective patent advice requires a seamless combination of legal and scientific analysis, together with commercial application. Choose King & Wood Mallesons and you are choosing a law firm with a strong track record in patents.

Our clients come from traditional patent-rich sectors such as pharmaceuticals and mechanical and automotive engineering as well as more recent entrants like telecoms, finance, gaming and retail. Whichever sector you work in, our patents lawyers will devise a strategy to maximise the return on your investment.

Our legal advice on patent law includes:

  • Patent, infringement and validity issues
  • Clearing the way before product launches – including validity/infringement opinions, interim injunctions and negotiated commercial outcomes
  • Ownership and entitlement issues
  • Regulatory issues relating to pharmaceutical/biotech and agrochemical patents
  • Co-ordinating multinational disputes and Patent Office proceedings
  • Commercialisation – including patent licences, research and development agreements, manufacturing agreements and non-disclosure agreements
  • Patent issues in corporate transactions
  • Patent Annuity Management
  • Patent Portfolio Management.
"King & Wood Mallesons has substantial experience and an established reputation in handling large and complex patent administrative and legal proceedings involving a variety of industries, covering all major technical fields, including electricity, electronics, telecommunications, computer science, materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, mechanicals and designs."

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