07 January 2015

Working in China: shifts in expectation and reality


My name is Paul Stothard and I am a specialist in international arbitration, permanently based in the London office but currently on secondment in Beijing.

One of the pleasures of being in Beijing is having the opportunity to get to know some of my colleagues who are undoubtedly world experts in their field.

In Chinese culture there are much less of an emphasis on formal dispute resolution.

Therefore, I think that investors into China or those dealing with Chinese clients will probably find that there is much less of a rush to 'grandstand' and more of a culture and approach that emphasises discussion and negotiation.

Things can take longer, but I think in the end they can also be much more efficient.

What I personally think that AQ, or Asia Intelligence' stands for is this. Having people who are not 'tourists' advising foreign investors and counterparties, but people who are really 'under the skin' of the local business culture.

AQ is a permanent understanding of how these things really work in practice.

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A Guide to Doing Business in China

We explore the key issues being considered by clients looking to unlock investment opportunities in the People’s Republic of China.

Doing Business in China
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