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Investing in Australian real estate: Tax concessions for Managed Investment Trusts

Red Tape | Border control - Government responses to globalisation

International revenue authorities and governments have renewed their focus on ensuring appropriate tax is paid by multi-national enterprises.

14 June 2016

In Conversation With Chau Ee, Lee In Singapore - Embracing International Arbitration

Parnika Chaturvedi with Chau Ee Lee discuss international arbitration in Singapore, comparing jurisdictions and the interesting developments in this region

10 May 2016

FIRB to take a closer look at the sale of critical government-owned infrastructure assets

FIRB given additional power to scrutinise critical infrastructure asset sales to private foreign investors, with a clear focus on national security.

25 April 2016

China's 13th Five Year Plan: the land of opportunity

China's 13th Five Year Plan has significant implications for businesses in China and around the world across key sectors.

14 April 2016

China-Singapore project on Strategic Connectivity means new opportunities

What you should know about the third China-Singapore government-to-government cooperation project.

26 March 2016

Brexit in Brief: Real Estate

[Video] William Naunton discusses the issues a Brexit would have on the real estate sector, not least an instable and stagnant property market.

14 March 2016

Red Tape | Corruption contagion - tip of the iceberg

In high profile cases, the cost of regulatory investigation may just be the beginning of a much longer (and more expensive) story.

13 January 2016

Red Tape | Undermining the certainty of international trade finance

We look at how the certainty of letters of credit may be impacted by wider fraudulent/illegal conduct and what can be done to mitigate the risks.

13 January 2016

Red Tape | Website-blocking injunctions to combat the increasing risk of online copyright infringement

We focus on website blocking injunctions, as one measure that has been used or introduced to tackle online copyright infringement.

13 January 2016

Investment in Ghana - Recent Legal Developments

Ghana has faced a series of macroeconomic challenges over the past year. Despite this the county remains one of the bright spots for investment in the West African...

01 December 2015

Labour mobility under ChAFTA – political compromise or sensible business?

The implications and opportunities for business under the labour mobility provisions of ChAFTA.

23 October 2015

Mobile workers in Europe and the working time directive: business faces higher costs

Mobile workers in Europe and the working time directive: an update on the latest ruling from the European Court.

17 September 2015

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