13 January 2015

Asia Intelligence: Helping you cut through the challenges and complexities facing businesses in Asia


My name is Stuart Fuller. I am the Global Managing Partner at King & Wood Mallesons. Australian born and trained, and now living in Hong Kong.

AQ stands for ‘Asia Intelligence’. It is about being the only global law firm that is headquartered in Asia, and how we help our clients to unlock the opportunities that exist in Asia. Both in terms of our Asian clients looking to do cross-border deals outside of Asia, and also our international clients coming into Asia.

It is about helping clients to understanding the local business environment, knowing how to get their deal done, and having the right people on-the-ground to execute transactions.

What I hear from our Partners in China is how the firm is helping our Chinese clients to understand how to do international transactions, whether that is into Australia, into Europe, into Africa, and other places too.

It is about helping our regional clients do deals on the international stage. Equally, it is about helping our international clients to do business in Asia.

No other firm has the depth or capability that we have, particularly in China but also across Asia and working with clients to better understand those opportunities and ‘how’ to get the deal done.

You cannot understand Asia by just sitting in Australia or in Europe. Equally you cannot understand Australia or Europe by just sitting in Asia.

My advice for everybody is mobility and global mindset. When you come to do something, you have to use not only your local mindset and the way things you have done things in your particular region or market.

You also need a global mindset, to understand how to work in a new and unfamiliar market, see the world through the eyes of different people, and most importantly the need to listen carefully.

There will be continuing opportunities in the energy & resources sector and having a secure supply of energy.

Secondly, with food – in particular food security and food quality.

Finally, the broader services sector to meet the demand of a 300-450 million person market. Investment products, health products, pension products, education, tourism, and all of those areas where our international clients have incredibly well developed businesses in the West.

The best example of AQ that I can give you is a recent business development trip in Europe.

We had China Partners in meetings with clients and seminars talking about the China market and developments in China. What you get is an authentic China experience – Chinese partners talking about the China market, the legal, economic and social market in a way that no other law firm can.

What our partner said was, “well this is really about connecting Asia to the world, and the world to Asia”. We have our Chinese partners and our European partners together talking to clients. That is the essence of AQ.

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A Guide to Doing Business in China

We explore the key issues being considered by clients looking to unlock investment opportunities in the People’s Republic of China.

Doing Business in China
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