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Upgrading China-Singapore investment and trade - CSFTA Upgrade Protocol

Competition, Trade & Regulatory

Brexit In Brief: Competition and Regulation

[Video] In this video insight, Philipp Girardet discusses the impact of Britain's voice being lost in the debate within Europe following a Brexit.

14 March 2016

African Mining Round Up 2015

The year 2015 has been tough for miners all around the world. No where more so than in Africa. We tend to look at these issues through...

14 December 2015

F1 Teams launch complaint against Ecclestone’s Formula One Group

Sauber and Force India have submitted a complaint to the EC alleging that the Formula One Group’s administration of F1 contravenes EU competition law.

01 October 2015

European Commission updates guidance on the conduct of dawn raids

European Commission modernises dawn raid guidance on powers to search undertakings’ IT environment, selection of documents and use of personal data.

25 September 2015

China State Council keeps a watchful eye on competition issues in the e-commerce sector

With policies taken, China begins to strike e-commerce competition issues. Under such circumstances, what should business operators do? This article may tell you the answer.

14 July 2015

NDRC strengthens drug price monitoring - Pharmaceutical companies are likely targets of future antitrust enforcement

NDRC published a Notice recently, aiming to launch special inspections into illegal conducts of pharmaceutical sector under the Anti-Monopoly Law.

01 July 2015

Asian LNG: Where to from here and what role for Singapore?

A fresh look at the impact of recent Asian LNG market changes on long term contract discussions and the role which establishment of an Asian LNG trading hub...

27 May 2015

Unbundling under the EU Third Energy Package

Transmission System Operators must be aware of unbundling obligations under the EU Third Energy Liberalisation Reform Package.

24 April 2015

Deregulation in Chinese Outbound Direct Investment: 2014 and beyond

Late 2013 and early 2014 saw the State Council of the People's Republic of China issuing a number of reforms which relaxed control over Chinese Outbound Direct Investments....

24 April 2015

EU-China Bilateral Investment Treaty

Launched in November 2013, negotiations are underway between EU Member States and China towards agreeing Bi-lateral Investment Treaty.

24 April 2015

Recent developments in COMESA merger control

The Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa published Draft Merger Assessment Guidelines, providing clarification on certain ambiguities under the COMESA Regulations.

24 April 2015

The First Conduct Rule – Hong Kong’s Competition Ordinance

The introduction of the First Conduct Rule in Hong Kong’s Competition Ordinance will require companies to put their affairs in order so as not to fall foul of...

24 April 2015

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