Ma Lirong


Areas of practice

Ma Lirong specializes in patent law related to machinery.

Ma Lirong has extensive experience in a variety of areas of patent protection including, mechatronics, metallic materials, automobile engineering and other mechanical fields including displays and devices, metal processing equipment, printing devices, communication equipment, engineering and agricultural machinery, home electronics, and household goods.

Ma Lirong has handled a large number of machinery related patent cases for domestic companies, and provided various legal and patent advisory services. She has also served as a key representative for many multinational companies in patent cases, drafted patent applications, replied to administrative inquiries and patent invalidation claims, and assisted with administrative and infringement proceedings. She has abundant experience with patent infringement analysis.

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Work experience

Ma Lirong joined King & Wood Mallesons in 2011.  Before joining King & Wood Mallesons she had worked as an agent in the Beijing office of one famous  patent agency and at its Hong Kong headquarters. She was also in charge of the Japan department at a certain patent agency authorized to represent overseas businesses. Later she went to work at a patent office in Japan.

Ma Lirong graduated in 1997 from Dalian University of Technology School of Mechanical Engineering, earning a double degree in Machine Manufacturing and Japanese. In 2000 she earned a Masters in Engineering Management from the same school, simultaneously completing graduate level coursework at a Japanese studies research institute.

Ma Lirong was admitted as a patent attorney in 2006.

Ma Lirong’s working languages are Chinese, Japanese, and English.

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