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Tribunal Must Accept Both Insurers and Lawyers as Members

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Tribunal Must Accept Both Insurers and Lawyers as Members

The Court of Appeal in England considered the removal of an arbitrator for lack of qualification.

08 August 2018

Pre-Dispute Checklist for Corporate Counsel in Japan

13 points for corporate counsel in Japan to consider when planning dispute resolution.

25 June 2018

Trends in Asia Pacific cross-border disputes in 2018

The growth in cross-border commercial and investment activity in the Asia Pacific, particularly with the rising economy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), has resulted in a...

12 April 2018

Open Up! How far should transparency in international commercial arbitration go?

The recent release of the 2017-2018 Annual Asia-Pacific Report on Investor-State Dispute Settlement and Transparency serves as a reminder of how transparency has become an accepted feature of...

12 April 2018

New arbitration and mediation centers in Japan

The Japanese government recently announced that it is proposing to establish a new dedicated dispute resolution centre in Tokyo.

12 April 2018

Singapore Slings: The new cocktail of dispute resolution procedures in Singapore

The launch of the Singapore International Commercial Court cemented Singapore as a prime destination for resolving international commercial disputes.

21 May 2015