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Restrictive clauses in leases – no European revolution

CJEU issues guidance on restrictive clauses in commercial lease agreements

The CJEU issues guidance on the interpretation on the potential restrictive effect of tenant veto clauses in commercial lease agreements.

03 December 2015

Federal Supreme Court: Companies can escape cartel fines by corporate restructuring

Federal Supreme Court ruling allows dry mortar producers to avoid fines of €12 million following corporate restructuring.

04 June 2015

Election 2015: the new Government’s agenda for real estate planning and development

The UK’s new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, is an advocate of localism. Simon Ricketts discusses key policies.

15 May 2015

CNMC adds four new undertakings to its concrete, cement and construction products investigation

The CNMC has opened proceedings against four additional undertakings in its investigation into concrete, cement and other construction products.

17 April 2015

Nigerian land transport infrastructure deficits and regulation

This article highlights key issues arising in the land transport sector in Nigeria and considers improving the regulatory regime.

16 March 2015

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