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Online client onboarding by licensed corporations in Hong Kong

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Online client onboarding by licensed corporations in Hong Kong

This Circular supplements the existing laws, guidelines and circulars on KYC requirements and account opening procedures for intermediaries.

17 July 2018

Global Legal Insights: Merger Control 2018

This article covers some helpful tips on Hong Kong’s merger control regime.

22 June 2018

Spotlight on the dark net: what does the AlphaBay takedown mean for you?

This article describes what happened to the AlphaBay takedown, and how such “dark net marketplaces” operate.

28 July 2017

Global Legal Insights: Merger Control 2017

KWM has prepared the Hong Kong chapter of Global Legal Insights: Merger Control 2017.

18 July 2017

First Hong Kong competition case goes to the Competition Tribunal – what this signals for companies

The Hong Kong Competition Commission has taken its first case to the Competition Tribunal, alleging that five IT companies engaged in bid-rigging.

20 April 2017

The new “professionals”: What you need to know about proposed changes to the Hong Kong professional investor rules

This article summarises what you need to know about the proposals, including potential new client opportunities.

08 March 2017

Third party payments under fire: Hong Kong SFC fines brokerage for AML/CTF failings

This article describes the key facts, findings and messages of the GSL case.

07 March 2017

SFC enforcement action – what you can expect in 2017

In this article, we summarise the key SFC focus areas over that period and examine the potential SFC focus areas you can expect going forward.

28 February 2017

Data protection at home and abroad: a comparison of approaches

In some jurisdictions (notably across the EU), potential fines for data protection compliance infringement now rival anti-trust enforcement penalties.

22 November 2016

What’s on the global AML/CTF agenda? 8 key messages from the FATF plenary

This alert describes the 8 key points covered at the Plenary Meeting, plus 8 key takeaways for financial institutions operating in Hong Kong.

10 August 2016

When to suspect the proceeds of a crime: Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal clarifies the offence of money laundering

The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal (CFA) has upheld the conviction of tycoon Carson Yeung for money laundering.

09 August 2016

Competition regulators increase global cooperation

This article provides an overview of our experience with competition regulators in each of Australia, China, Europe and Hong Kong.

04 July 2016