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A legal guide to NFTs and NFT platforms

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A legal guide to NFTs and NFT platforms

From in-game assets, to tokenised art – and beyond. Since Beeple’s USD69 million sale by Christies, the market for and interest in non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, has soared....

25 June 2021

Carbon trading - Practical insights

We discuss how to offset your carbon emissions, through carbon trading.

24 June 2021

Impact of COVID-19 on Private Funds - One Year On

One year after COVID-19's impact, we share our views on the current state of events, secondaries, dry powder, deals, valuations and returns, and the outlook for 2021.

12 May 2021

Achieving Net Zero - How to manage the risks of transition to net-zero

We discuss the transition risk and possible solutions to achieve net-zero.

03 May 2021

ESG and sustainable investment in Hong Kong

We elaborate on the importance of having an ESG policy in place and how sustainability is impacting investment strategy in Hong Kong.

12 April 2021

LIBOR transition – Hong Kong and Mainland China

We summarise the key points of the LIBOR Transition that are most regularly considered in Hong Kong.

08 April 2021

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