16 October 2016

KWM Firsts - Driving client efficiency through digital innovation

In the ever-expanding business of commercial lettings, clients demand up-to-the-minute and accurate information from their legal team on the status of the letting of their commercial units.

When the sales team Battersea Power Station Development Company (Battersea) started to sell residential units, one of the main challenges was keeping track of the unit sales owing to the speed and volume with which they were being purchased.

KWM’s solution was Battersea Live, a web-based digital platform created by the firm and used by the leasing team of Battersea to display, in real time, the current volume and status of commercial lettings. It allows Battersea to know the exact status of the commercial lettings at any given time, as well as being aware of any delays in the letting process, without having to constantly email or telephone the KWM team.

This product is innovative in its approach. It is an effective use of data on a day-to-day basis and its simplicity means it is tailored specifically to the client's needs. The technological innovations provide client-focused solutions to support Battersea and to meet the requirements of clarity, speed and efficiency.

The development of the Battersea Power Station has received unprecedented attention in the media owing to the iconic status of the building. However, the impact of developing and providing a fully integrated technological service, combined with the 24/7 service provided to the client across KWM’s global network, means that Battersea can access the most up to date documentation and information around the clock.

Lead partner

William Boss, KWM London

Media Contact

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