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Competition litigation in the CAT – recent developments

Federal Supreme Court: Companies can escape cartel fines by corporate restructuring

Federal Supreme Court ruling allows dry mortar producers to avoid fines of €12 million following corporate restructuring.

04 June 2015

Election 2015: the new Government’s agenda for real estate planning and development

The UK’s new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, is an advocate of localism. Simon Ricketts discusses key policies.

15 May 2015

Property law: Helping family members to buy a home

Our Real Estate group discuss house deposits from parents as well as new rules on private renting and health and safety in our latest FT column.

06 May 2015

The Elite Living Experience

Tom Calnan and Natasha Hartrup take a look at the rise of luxury branded real estate in Dubai.

30 April 2015

China plans sweeping foreign investment reforms

With draft revision of the Foreign Direct Investment Industries Guidance Catalogue, China plans sweeping foreign investment reforms.

24 April 2015

Right of co-determination in the supervisory board: employees of foreign subsidiaries count towards the thresholds

Surprise ruling: Regional Court has rejected the practice that employees of foreign subsidiaries are not to be attributed to the German parent company.

20 April 2015

CNMC adds four new undertakings to its concrete, cement and construction products investigation

The CNMC has opened proceedings against four additional undertakings in its investigation into concrete, cement and other construction products.

17 April 2015

Court clarifies procurement requirement after variations

Simon Ricketts, Real Estate partner, wrote an article for Planning magazine discussing a High Court decision, which clarified rules of public procurement.

17 March 2015

Nigerian land transport infrastructure deficits and regulation

This article highlights key issues arising in the land transport sector in Nigeria and considers improving the regulatory regime.

16 March 2015

PPPs: Zimbabwe considers alternative development funding mechanisms

This article considers the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation economic blue print which details its economic turnaround strategy.

16 March 2015

Lessons learned from a “first-of-its-kind” privatisation in Rwanda

This article explores some of the issues arising on a recent complex carve-out and acquisition of a Government owned commercial banking operation based in Rwanda.

16 March 2015

Property law: Liability for collapsing walls

In a column for the FT's House & Home section our Real Estate group discuss collapsing walls; local pub protection; and tenants and water companies.

13 March 2015

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