22 October 2015

European Central Bank guiding principles for external communication

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced guiding principles for the external communication by members of its Executive Board. This short framework of standards, in particular, obliges Executive Board members to disclose market-sensitive information in public speaking engagements only if such information has been published on the ECB’s website before the start of the speech. By contrast, market-sensitive information may generally not be revealed in non-public speeches.

Through these guiding principles, the ECB responds to criticism it faced after a member of the Executive Board had held a speech in front of a selected group of capital markets specialists which contained sensitive information on the ECB’s future monetary policy although this information was not made publicly available until the day after the speech.

A Guide to Doing Business in China

We explore the key issues being considered by clients looking to unlock investment opportunities in the People’s Republic of China.

Doing Business in China
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