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The future of autonomous driving in Germany

The future of autonomous driving in Germany

Germany has issued a draft law which aims to establish legal certainty in the use of autonomous vehicles (i.e. driverless systems) and provides a framework to give confidence...

19 March 2021

Cybersecurity: Achilles’ Heel for Self-driving Cars?

Read about vehicle cybersecurity risks and legal challenges for CAVs, practice in tackling vehicle cybersecurity, and actions to cope with this issue

18 August 2020

Self-driving Cars: How to Deal with Privacy?

The issue of balancing the modern concern of privacy and the pressure to not hinder the next great industrial revolution will be increasingly pressing.

16 July 2020

Autonomous vehicles: Legal issues on Survey, Data Collection and Transfer

China’s efforts to increase cybersecurity and protect privacy are accelerating. Autonomous cars collect and transmit masses and masses of data.

16 June 2020

China: Mapping the Future

Current Challenges and Forecast trends in respect of Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles

02 June 2020

The Newest Mobile Device: Self-driving Cars

Adoption of autonomous vehicles will result in massive disruptions to market, rewriting of regulations, new challenges for infrastructure and services

07 May 2020

China: New Opportunities for Foreign Technology

Part 1: China as a Technology Superpower with an appetite for foreign technology

05 May 2020

China ADAS to Self-driving Cars - the Journey Starts

Ready, Set, Go: Smart Cars Rev up in China

21 April 2020

The Impact of China Removal of Foreign Ownership Restrictions in Auto Sector

Do foreign car manufacturers have a future in China?

14 April 2020

China is reshaping its Auto Industry

China has issued its clear intention to be at the center of global automotive manufacturing for decades to come.

02 April 2020

Autonomous Cars - Opportunities and Challenges in Germany

On autonomous vehicles, Germany is still playing the leading role.

22 January 2018

UPC court fees and recoverable costs announced

Unified Patent Court Preparatory Committee issues rules on court fees and recovery of costs

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