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Corona-Pandemic: Relief Efforts and Crisis Management

Autonomous Cars - Opportunities and Challenges in Germany

On autonomous vehicles, Germany is still playing the leading role.

22 January 2018

UPC court fees and recoverable costs announced

Unified Patent Court Preparatory Committee issues rules on court fees and recovery of costs

Commission finds that Belgian tax rules were illegal state aid and Luxembourg requests the General Court to accelerate case timetables

The latest developments in the Commission's crackdown on tax sweeteners by Member States.

14 January 2016

Red Tape | Corruption contagion - tip of the iceberg

In high profile cases, the cost of regulatory investigation may just be the beginning of a much longer (and more expensive) story.

13 January 2016

Red Tape | Undermining the certainty of international trade finance

We look at how the certainty of letters of credit may be impacted by wider fraudulent/illegal conduct and what can be done to mitigate the risks.

13 January 2016

Red Tape | Website-blocking injunctions to combat the increasing risk of online copyright infringement

We focus on website blocking injunctions, as one measure that has been used or introduced to tackle online copyright infringement.

13 January 2016

Car glass cartel: Peugeot Citroën brings follow-on damages claim in the Competition Appeal Tribunal

Peugeot Citroën brings follow-on damages claim in the CAT to mitigate the risk of its High Court claim being time-barred.

07 January 2016

Car manufacturers change online distribution terms following the intervention of the German FCO

Car dealers now allowed to collaborate with online sellers.

18 December 2015

It is that time of the year again

There are some legal pitfalls in terms of employment law in the context of Christmas that might dampen the festive spirit.

09 December 2015

The UPC and Unitary Patent: How close are we to implementation?

With the UPC expected to be in operation from early 2017, what are the key outstanding issues?

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