Zhu Xuefeng


Areas of practice

Mr. Zhu Xuefeng specializes in dispute resolution. He is especially experienced in the criminal defense of economic crimes, compliance services and cross cases between civil and criminal field.

Mr. Zhu has over 16 years of experience . He has handled hundreds of cases involving commercial litigation and the criminal defense of economic crimes. He is well versed in the proceedings and the relevant agencies of various types of cases. Mr. Zhu has a long history of handling first instance cases, which gave him a large amount of practical experience. He has represented many securities and futures criminal cases involving the employees of well-known companies, as well as a number of dispute cases involving major illegal fundraising, duty crimes, tax-related crimes, new kinds of computer crimes and other types. Mr. Zhu has also provided special criminal legal services to many Fortune 500 companies and provided criminal business support to well-known law firms. The typical cases that Mr. Zhu has handled include:

  • Former CNPC Vice President Bribery Case;

  • Former E Fund Management Co., Ltd. Vice President use of undisclosed information transaction case

  • Former Vice President of Oriental Securities use of undisclosed information transaction case

  • The Chairman of Hongda New Materials manipulation of securities market and insider trading case

  • Illegal business case of Liantai Gold

  • Mr. Zhang’s illegal fund-raising fraud case of Qianbao;

  • Mr. Chen’s illegal control of computer system case

  • Mr. Guo Yanhong's job occupation crime case (criminal report)

  • Mr. Jin Weiguo’s loan fraud case (representing a criminal report of a well-known American stationery company)

He is a criminal lawyer with high professionalism and recognition by a wide range of clients.

Mr. Zhu also served as the deputy director of the Criminal Business Research Committee of the Shanghai Bar Association, the deputy director of the Lawyers Working Committee in Changning District, and the 14th CPPCC member in Changning District.

Mr. Zhu was honored as one of the “Client Choice Top 20 Lawyers in China” in 2012 by ALB. He has also won the honor of the fourth Leading Talent in Changning District, the advanced individual award for judicial administration in Shanghai, the advanced individual award in Social Management in Shanghai, and the outstanding lawyer award of Changning District in Shanghai.

Work experience

Mr. Zhu joined King & Wood Mallesons in 2018. Prior to that, he was the director of a well-known law firm in Shanghai.

Mr. Zhu's working languages are Chinese and English.


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