18 January 2021

The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2021 edition releases

On 14 January 2021, The Legal 500, a leading international legal directory, released its 2021 Asia Pacific rankings. King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) was recognized in 26 practice areas, with 22 Tier 1 practice area rankings. In the newly established “Data Protection” and “Insurance” areas as well as two niche practice area “Dispute Resolution: Litigation” and “Dispute Resolution: Arbitration”, KWM also received Tier 1 recognitions.

Of the 129 individuals on the list, 6 were named to the Hall of the Fame, 21 were ranked as Leading Individuals, 26 as Next Generation Partners, 14 as Rising Stars, and 69 were highly recommended lawyers in their respective practice areas.

KWM’s ranked areas and recommended lawyers include (in the same order of the list):

The 22 practice areas that received Tier 1 rankings:

  • Antitrust and competition 

  • Banking and finance

  • Capital markets

  • Corporate and M&A

  • Data protection

  • Dispute resolution: Arbitration

  • Dispute resolution: Litigation

  • Healthcare and life sciences

  • Insolvency and restructuring

  • Insurance

  • Intellectual property: Contentious

  • Investment funds

  • Labour and employment

  • Private equity

  • Projects and energy

  • Real estate and construction

  • Regulatory/compliance

  • Shipping

  • Tax

  • WTO/International trade

  • Regional coverage: Jiangsu Province: Nanjing

  • Regional coverage: Sichuan Province: Chengdu including Chongqing

The 4 practice areas that received Tier 2 rankings:

  • Fintech

  • Intellectual property: Non-Contentious

  • TMT

  • Regional coverage: Zhejiang Province: Hangzhou

The 6 partners who were recognized with the Hall of Fame designation: 

  • Banking and finance: Jack Wang and Wang Ling

  • Capital markets: Zhao Xiaohong

  • Corporate and M&A: Xu Ping

  • Tax: Tony Dong

  • WTO/International trade: Xiao Jin

The 21 partners who were recognized as “Leading Individuals”:

  • Antitrust and competition: Susan Ning

  • Capital markets: Zhang Yongliang

  • Corporate and M&A: Harry Du, Wang Kaiding

  • Data protection: Susan Ning

  • Dispute resolution: Contentious: Huang Tao, Ariel Ye

  • Dispute resolution: Non-contentious: Gao Feng, Huang Tao

  • Healthcare and life sciences: Huang Jianwen

  • Insolvency and restructuring: Hao Zhaohui, Wang Fuxiang

  • Insurance: Yuan Min

  • Investment funds: Gong Mulong

  • Labour and employment: Jiang Junlu, Lucy Lu

  • Private Equity: Gong Mulong

  • Projects and energy: Tian Wenjing

  • Real estate and construction: William Jiang

  • Regulatory/compliance: Harry Liu

  • Shipping: Edward Ma

  • Tax: Bill Ye

  • Regional coverage: Jiangsu Province: Nanjing: Zhang Mingyuan

  • Regional coverage: Sichuan Province: Chengdu including Chongqing: Liu Rong

The 26 lawyers who were recognized as “Next Generation Partners”:

  • Antitrust and competition: Chai Zhifeng, Zhang Ruohan 

  • Banking and finance: Stella Wang

  • Corporate and M&A: He Wei, Huang Ling, Jennifer Yao

  • Data protection: Wu Han

  • Dispute resolution: Arbitration: Lv Mengdan 

  • Fintech: Chen Fushen, Yu Leimin

  • Healthcare and life sciences: Song Ruiqiu, Zhu Yuanyuan

  • Insolvency and restructuring: Wang Le

  • Insurance: Lin Zhe

  • Investment funds: Han Yue

  • Private equity: Lin Zhijun 

  • Project and energy: Liu Zhizhi

  • Real estate and construction: Xing Meidong

  • Regulatory/compliance: Han Yang, Li Ronghui, Xu Xiaodan 

  • Tax: Daisy Duan

  • TMT: Zhang Hanyu

  • Regional coverage: Zhejiang Province: Hangzhou: Ye Guojun

  • Regional coverage: Sichuan Province: Chengdu including Chongqing: Guo Huan, Lu Yong

The 14 lawyers who received the “Rising Stars” recognitions:

  • Antitrust and competition: Gong Ting

  • Corporate and M&A: Yao Ping 

  • Dispute resolution: Litigation: Li Dongjun and Liu Runze 

  • Healthcare and life sciences: Li Lingbi, Sha Shuai

  • Insolvency and restructuring: Shen Yuhan

  • Insurance: Lai Yunjie

  • Investment funds: Dai Haixia, Wan Minxiu 

  • Private equity: Alex Wang, Ren Liguang

  • Regulatory/compliance: Zhu Yuanyuan

  • Regional coverage: Sichuan Province: Chengdu including Chongqing: Tang Qi 

The 69 individuals who were recognized as “highly recommended” lawyers (including practice heads):

  • Antitrust and competition: Kate Peng, Wu Han

  • Banking and finance: Ma Feng, Stanley Zhou, Wang Ning, Chen Fushen, Yu Leimin

  • Capital markets: Zhou Ning, Mu Peng, Wang Lixin, Gong Mulong, Peng Jin, Tang Lizi, Jiang Yifeng

  • Corporate and M&A: Wang Lixin, Tao Zhangqi, Ren Xiaolei

  • Dispute resolution: Arbitration: Liu Yuwu, Zhang Shouzhi, Jessica Fei, Dai Yue, Feng Dong

  • Dispute resolution: Litigation: Zhao Xianlong, Liu Lingyun, Yu Rihong

  • Fintech: Allen Zhong, Yang Xiaoquan

  • Healthcare and life sciences: Jianping Wang

  • Insolvency and restructuring: Liu Yanling

  • Intellectual property: Zhu Nongfan, Wang Maohua, Yang Xiaoli, Cecilia Lou, Li Xiaoyang

  • Investment funds: Zhang Yi, Alan Du, Helena Huang

  • Labour and employment: Liang Yanling, Liu Ting

  • Private equity: Zhang Yi, Richard Nie, Rocky Lee, Helena Huang

  • Project and energy: Lv Yinghao, Xiong Jin, Zhang Xiaolian

  • Real estate and construction: Harry Du, Tao Zhangqi, Yan Qiong

  • Regulatory/compliance: Wu Wei, Chang Junfeng

  • Shipping: Liu Xuanchi, Liu Xiaowen 

  • Tax: Zhao Yan, Zhang Ci, Liu Bo

  • TMT: Zhao Xiaohong, Richard Nie, Rocky Lee, Sun Ji, Zhou Rui, Cecilia Lou, Xue Han, Tang Lizi

  • WTO/International trade: Liu Xinyu, Liu Cheng, Jing Yunfeng, Li Zhenghao, Cai Lei, Xiong Yi 

  • Regional coverage: Zhejiang Province: Hangzhou: Jiang Conghua, William Jiang

  • Regional coverage: Jiangsu Province: Nanjing: Janet Gu

  • Regional coverage: Sichuan Province: Chengdu including Chongqing: Liu Hu

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