19 February 2020

KWM Foundation donates another two batches of medical supplies to assist in the fight against COVID-19

On 17 February, the 7th batch of medical supplies (3000 goggles) procured by KWM and KWM Foundation from the US was successfully delivered to Xiaogan COVID-19 Prevention and Control Center. As logistics is a lifeline for combating the COVID-19 outbreak, couriers have been working at the front line of transportation. Our thoughts are with these dedicated couriers. To show respect for those in the logistics industry who safeguard the transportation of anti-epidemic supplies, KWM has delivered the 8th batch of medical supplies(1680 3M protective clothing) purchased in South Korea to SF Express Hubei Branch recently.


The 8th batch of medical supplies

In addition, another batch of medical supplies, 1920 3M protective clothing procured by KWM has also arrived in Wuhan and will be delivered to Xiaogan in the near future.

So far, KWM has procured more than 930,000 pieces of medical supplies (including 11 types in 5 categories of epidemic prevention materials) in a total of 8 batches from South Korea, Japan, the US and China. These supplies have been successfully delivered to medical institutions and units in Wuhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang, Jingshan, etc.

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    19 February 2020

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