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A Case Study of VON DUTCH (Ⅱ)

IP Newsletter

“Good faith” to deter opportunistic trademark litigation——How to Deal with Abusive Trademark Litigation

This article elaborates on how to deal with abusive trademark litigation from the perspective of the “good faith” principle.

25 April 2016

Trademark registration certificates to be issued soon by CTMO

Overdue trademark registrations certificates will be issued by the end of May.

11 April 2016

Ferragamo Recognized Well Known in China

The burden of proof for a well-known trademark may be lowered provided the trademark owner enjoys high fame and the applicant has obvious bad faith.

25 March 2016

China Trademark Office Introduces New Convenient-for-Applicant Measures

CTMO is introducing new measures to provide more efficient and convenient services for the brand owners in their trademark application procedures.

25 March 2016

China’s M.I.I.T. Proposes Broad Regulatory Oversight over Pre-Installed Mobile Phone/Device Applications

Legal claims involving such pre-installed applications have, in certain cases, been the basis for litigation in the P.R.C.

08 January 2016

Trademark Similarity Issues: ARC’ TERYX = Archaeopteryx ?

Although there have been a number of successful cases in which the Chinese translations of foreign trademarks are protected, this case is special and difficult.

12 November 2015

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