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Chinese real estate financing: onshore/offshore financing structures and opportunities for foreign investors

Analysis of the Personal Information Security Specification from a Practical Perspective

This article will focus on the application of the Specification from a practical perspective.

07 February 2018

Several“Must-knows" after the Cyber Security Law Took Effect

Such a short period saw numerous changes in legislation and law enforcement.

15 August 2017

Crime and Punishment: China Steps up Criminal Legislation for Personal Data Protection

New compliance challenges have been raised for the banking sector.

07 July 2017

How to prepare an emergency response plan for cybersecurity incidents like Petya

How should companies deal with cybersecurity incidents in China?

04 July 2017

No “Data”, No “Internet of Vehicles”

A discussion on the regulation of data core business in “Internet of Vehicles”.

25 May 2017

Strong Basis for Regulatory Enforcement

Interpretation of the Procedural Regulations for Administrative Law Enforcement Concerning Internet Information Content Management.

05 May 2017

Ushering in a New Era of Internet News Regulation

An Observation of the Provisions on the Management of Internet News and Information Services.

04 May 2017

Building an Institutional Framework for Cyber Security Review --- Understanding the Measures for Security Review of Network Products and Services (Tentative)

The 16 articles of the Review Measures set up an institutional framework for the security review of network products and services.

03 May 2017

China's Step Forward to Personal Data Protection

Article 111 of the General Provisions stipulates the rules for the protection of personal data.

10 April 2017

Data Transaction Contracts and Related Legal Issues

This article is on the contracts that set out terms of data transfer and transactions under Chinese law.

30 March 2017

Are we now in an era of ¥ 1 million fines for personal information violations?

The promulgation of the Cyber Security Law contains several “first time” highlights for the personal information protection.

15 November 2016

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