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Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme – A summary of the support scheme for large UK businesses

Data Protection

Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme – A summary of the support scheme for large UK businesses

The Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CLBILS) builds upon the UK government’s financial support being extended to UK businesses during the current period of COVID-19 disruption and...

30 April 2020

Does Your Data Need “a Visa” to Travel Abroad?

Comments on Measures for the Security Assessment of Personal Information and Important Data to be Transmitted Abroad (Draft for Comment).

17 April 2017

Big Data: Success Comes Down to Solid Compliance

The big data industry is expected to gain momentum in the near future and the compliance issue relating to big data is imminent.

26 January 2017

Are we now in an era of ¥ 1 million fines for personal information violations?

The promulgation of the Cyber Security Law contains several “first time” highlights for the personal information protection.

15 November 2016

2016 World IP Day: Encouraging Connectivity and Protecting Innovation

On 2016 World Intellectual Property Day, we present this series of articles aiming to explore the distance digital technology transcends and the challenges it embodies.

26 April 2016

China’s New Five Year Plan – key takeaways

China’s 13th Five-Year Economic and Social Development Plan's objectives are bold and ambitious, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

29 March 2016

China’s M.I.I.T. Proposes Broad Regulatory Oversight over Pre-Installed Mobile Phone/Device Applications

Legal claims involving such pre-installed applications have, in certain cases, been the basis for litigation in the P.R.C.

08 January 2016

Cloud Computing: Key Telecommunication Regulatory Issues For Foreign Service Providers China

This article will discuss key telecommunication regulatory issues for foreign companies that want to provide cloud computing services in China.

05 December 2013

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