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China’s Digital Opportunity

China’s e-commerce regulatory tsunami continues: New advertising and food safety regulations

China clarifies its regulatory stance on online advertising practices and the online sale of food products, continuing a trend towards greater regulation of e-commerce.

29 July 2016

Exporters of the world rejoice - PRC customs issues e-commerce reprieve

International companies trading in cross-border ecommerce in cosmetics, infant formula milk powder, medical devices & health have a reprieve until at least 11 May 2017.

27 May 2016

“Keep Calm and Carry On”: Keeping up with China’s changing rules for cross-border e-commerce

Cross-border ecommerce has moved from being a possible avenue to sell to the China consumer, to the only way to sell to China.

09 May 2016

China launches new tax policies for cross-border e-commerce retail imports

China’s new policies for cross-border e-commerce retail imports came into force from April 8, 2016.

14 April 2016

Selected Highlights of the Implementing Regulations of the Food Safety Law (Revised Draft for Public Comment)(Ⅰ)

This article provides a guide for Selected Highlights of the Implementing Regulations of the Food Safety Law.

17 December 2015

ChAFTA is here – are you ready?

Following a decade of negotiations, this historic free trade agreement will boost trade & economic growth in both China & Australia for years to come.

17 June 2015

Past, present and future of PRC’s Foreign Investment Industry Catalogues

A summary of the changes made to the PRC’s Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries and the way forward for future iterations.

27 May 2015

Opportunities for Singapore from the One Belt, One Road Initiative

China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative presents a unique opportunity for Singapore to further strengthen its position as a world player.

27 May 2015

Case study: Food for thought

Navigating China’s complex anti-competition law to unlock a major opportunity for a global manufacturer of food products in China.

13 January 2015

Common issues of trademark infringement in e-commerce and enforcement

The protection of intellectual property rights in the online sphere is facing a whole new series of challenges.

04 August 2014

China’s Revised Consumer Rights Protection Law “Raises the Bar” for both “Bricks and Mortar” Retailers and Online Retailers

The Revision to China’s Consumer Rights Protection Law places additional requirements upon both online and traditional retailers.

03 December 2013

Non-compete Clauses in JV Contracts An Analysis from the Perspective of the PRC Anti-monopoly Law

This article considers the legality and relevant issues of non-compete clauses under the PRC Anti-monopoly Law.

05 September 2013

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