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Mutual Fund Investment Consulting Business Comes

Chinese tax authorities start tax cleaning-up activities targeting incomes of QFIIs/RQFIIs

Our China tax team provides some suggestions to QFIIs and RQFIIs on the upcoming tax cleaning-up activities.

27 March 2015

Last minute reminder before the commencement of FATCA deduction

The FATCA promulgated in March 2010 requires FFIs, which include financial institutions located in PRC, to perform the account identification, report and withhold obligations with regard to the...

23 June 2014

PBOC promulgating implementation rules on free trade account

PBOC Promulgated Implementation Rules on free trade account, which created an essential framework for the financial reforms in FTZ.

06 June 2014

Offshore RMB Backflow Channels

To build international recognition of RMB that matches its global economic status, China has introduced a series of laws and policies to internationalise RMB.

09 May 2014

PBOC providing support for the development of the shanghai free trade zone

The PBOC’s Opinion sets out numerous financial support to the economic development and cross-border investment in the China (Shanghai) FTZ.

27 December 2013

Overview of the FTZ General Scheme

The (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone is supported by a range of Administrative Rules issued by the Shanghai Government.

01 October 2013

Overview of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

The FTZ is expected to promote economic restructuring in sectors such as investment, services, trade, and financial services.

29 August 2013

PBOC Simplifies the Operating Procedures of Cross-border RMB Business

An Article on the Notice on Simplifying the Procedures of Cross-border RMB Business and Improving Relevant Policies.

15 July 2013

SAFE’s New Rules Simplify Registration of Foreign Debt | May 2013

What changes would the New Rules on Foreign Debt bring about?

04 July 2013

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